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FUEL Ambassadors

FUEL Ambassadors and FUEL addicts - We want you!

This offer is now open and to see if it is of interest and suits you please read the information below.

This is open to anyone who may have a passion for what we do regardless of what it is you may do. We are normal, regular people here at FUEL-FX so please remember you DO NOT have to be an athlete to apply, just the love of FUEL and a passion to help us grow while taking in the finest fuel during your daily, weekly activities!

It will help (BUT NOT AT ALL ESSENTIAL) if you have access to and have a good following on social media with the some or all of the following - Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Whatever your social media channels or ways of communication we would like to hear from you and hopefully we can help FUEL you along your journey. This is to assist us in gaining a further reach for our brand and products and introduce new FUEL customers/addicts! By incentive, you will receive a 15% FUEL discount code personal to you that you may use and pass on to clients, friends, family etc. You will also receive a code valid to ambassadors only to purchase further fuel at a discounted rate. Upon gaining us new customers we will issue you with a discount code up to 25% to use. By gaining us new customers you automatically receive "fuel points" example as follows - 10 points equals to £1 off any FUEL purchase, 50 points equals £5 off any FUEL purchase, 100 points equals £10 off any FUEL purchase and so on.

Simply contact us by sending an email to including your details telling us what you love about fuel and any social media links and we will look this over and get back to you.

Now please do not be offended in any way if we choose not to accept you at the time you contact us. We will always keep your details and may be able to assist you in the future.

Choose FUEL, Fuelling your life, however you choose to live it.