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Notice we have flat rate pricing on everything, here is why. Well apart from it being the most straightforward and easy way to list, price and purchase items we just want to be that little bit different. Most businesses charge 99p, £4.99, £9.99 etc etc. We don't. Think about it, what good is an imaginary penny to you? Especially when 100% of online business is done via card payments. So what we do is round up all the pennies into a pot and give to various charities. Remember we sell literally tonnes of products, so this easily adds up to lots and lots of pretty pennies. On top of that, we also donate a certain amount of our profits to good causes so we can all feel we are really doing our bit out there to help wherever we can.

Listed below are the charities we endeavour to help out on a regular basis. Feel free to suggest any good causes you are passionate about to see if we can add them to our list.

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