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Yaaayy, FRIDAYS arrived!!

Posted by Tony White on

WOW, we all love Fridays don't we..

It’s now HERE! The day we’ve been waiting for all week, the day that will free us from obligations and let us back into the weekend (which we love even more!) It’s Friday! there are songs about it, movies about it – blimey, there’s even a restaurant chain named after it! But why exactly do we love Fridays so much?

1. Friday is our yellow brick road

It’s that day where freedom of the working week looms, or a weekend trip or event, maybe even a wild night out to let your hair down. You simply never know what can happen in a couple of hours.

2. Me, me, me

If you’ve been thinking about others, or stressing about your work, here’s the time to love yourself. Treat yourself to a long hot bath, movie night or an hour catching up on your favorite things that you had to skip during the week.

3. Room for thoughts

Looking to create or work out new plans? Friday is the perfect time to work on your big plans for a solid 48 hours. 

4. Casual Friday

If you work at an office that allows casual clothing on a Friday, then this is likely your comfiest, most relaxing yet most stylish work day. If not ignore this one!

5. Date night

Take a chance and see what might happen, you never know! Even if you’re in a relationship, take the opportunity to enjoy each others company and enjoy.

6. Everybody is relaxed

It’s that one day in between work and play and somehow everyone seems to have a spring in their step. It’s almost the weekend and boy do we know it.

7. Adventure awaits

Here your chance to take that lake trip you’ve been wanting to do, or get away for a weekend. Seize the day and go for that adventure!

8. Time for a treat

Have been anxious to hit the gym, get out on your bike, check out the sales, go to a movie, get a manicure or eat take-out sushi while watching your favourite series and enjoying a large glass of wine? This is the time to unwind and treat yourself to something big or small.  

9. Fresh start

After Friday comes Saturday, then Sunday, so you’ll be back at work pretty soon so take some time to think about what you want to do better, how to enjoy yourself at work more and reduce stress, start your work with a go-getter attitude and you’ll be tip top, A-Ok.

10. Most importantly                                                                                               

FUELUP people!! Yeah, yeah, we know, we couldn't help ourselves but it is the FUEL BLOG so it's got to be done hasn't it!! Go and fill your cupboards with our lovely stuff and fuel that special weekend, the next week, the next month coming up..

What do you love most about Fridays?

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