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A personal note from Bossman at Fuel-FX.

What' all this about then? Well, honestly, it is my personal "folly". Having been a user of supplements pretty much since the '80s, I decided.. Hmmm.. actually, I think I want to make my own. Selfish, yes but it's not just for me honestly! :) It's also for my friends, family and who knows who else from there on. We have built a small loyal following but ultimately I will produce what I would like to use from day to day rather than what the marketplace dictates at any time along this journey. My own recipes and personal favourites will be found here all the time and that will mainly be powdered products. We have enjoyed the Fuel V1 journey so far and are now working on Fuel V2 which we hope to produce during 2024 onwards.

Remember to keep fuelling people. It's a lifetime journey.

Come and join us along the way..

FUEL-FX is on a mission. A mission to give the people of the world the best nutritional food and supplements out there. We strongly advocate everything we sell and use all of our own products. If we can't use them then we simply won't formulate them, let alone sell them. Every product is tested by ourselves with the firm belief of – would we spend our own money on this? If it passes that test, then we feel it's good enough for the masses to spend their hard earned money on.

We are constantly being the guinea pigs: formulating, trying, tasting, and testing our creations that we conceive to see if they are up to our very strict, high standards. Our products are for all walks of life from recreational/professional sportspeople, students, persons in the workplace, and everyday folk going about their daily routine, young and old. Our nutritional products will help you, regardless of how you live your life.

It is very important to take in the right nutrition on a daily basis. We all know you can't do it all the time, we overindulge, eat out, drink more than we should from time to time, burning the candle at both ends. But when you need to REFUEL your body you need to do it properly, with the right nutrition.

That's all there is to it.

This is where FUEL-FX comes in... Fuelling your life, however you choose to live it.

Give us a try, we firmly believe we can become part of your daily life.

If you are interested in stocking and / or supplying any of our products please contact us on for further information.

Go on, FUEL UP...